Frequently asked questions.


What is Somnee?
Somnee is the only electronic headband that actively improves your sleep. Somnee delivers a 15-minute, personalized “stim session” to safely and naturally signal the brain to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It can also precisely track your sleep so you can see your own sleep progress.
Who invented Somnee?
Somnee was developed by a team of world-class neuroscientists and product developers at StimScience.
What is the science behind the technology?
Your brain uses both electrical and chemical signals for all its processing and sleep is one of them! Somnee uses tES or transcranial electrical stimulation to mimic and enhance your brain's natural sleep signals. Our neuroscientists discovered that a 15 minute stim session is all you need before bedtime to get the complete benefits of a deeper, high-quality sleep.
How do I get in touch and ask a question?
We're here to help! Feel free to contact us anytime at


How does Somnee work?
Some days we have trouble getting to sleep quickly, other days we have a hard time staying asleep. Your Somnee will measure in real-time your brain's sleep signals to determine the best possible stim session that will optimize your sleep. It then provides a personalized stim session customized to support your needs every night. As you continue to use your headband, it will adjust as your sleep evolves so you can rest easy knowing that you'll wake up refreshed.
How often should I use my Somnee?
Somnee is designed to be used every night so you can get the best possible benefits from both the personalized stim session as well as the sleep tracking technology. Whenever you need a good night's sleep, trust that Somnee will be ready on your nightstand.
What does the Somnee Sleep Service subscription include?
The subscription plan includes your monthly supply of hydrogel electrode pads for your 15 minute stim sessions. It also includes all-access to our personalized stimulation algorithms that dynamically determines the best stim session to improve your sleep.
Do I need to use my phone with Somnee?
No you don't. After you set up Somnee in the app, you can start and stop stim sessions without using your phone. We designed Somnee to automatically turn off its wifi radio while you are wearing it.
How do I clean it?
The electronic components in Somnee can be easily removed from the headband, and the band can be hand washed with mild soap.


What is a stim session (tES)?
Somnee uses a safe, non-invasive and low intensity electrical stimulation called tES or Transcranial Electrical Stimulation which might sound scary but really isn't. tES has been used for decades to treat conditions like depression and migraine headaches. Somnee gives access to technology typically used only in the laboratory and brings it right to the comfort of your own home.
Is it safe?
Safety is our absolute top priority. Our studies were overseen by neurologists and neuroscientists from UC Berkeley, and by the E&I IRB, an independent institutional review board. tES has been approved for at-home use in many other products, and Somnee has electrical and software safeguards that limit the amount of stimulation and electrical current to less than 1/10th the amount of current in consumer electrical muscle stimulator (ie. TENS) units. Somnee follows IRB recommendation of no more than 15 minutes for a stim session. The Somnee app will only allow 1 stim session a day. After your stim session is complete, you can choose to keep the headband on for our lab-accurate EEG sleep tracking.
What does a stim session feel like?
A stim session feels like a light tingling sensation on your forehead. Depending on your sensitivity, people describe it as a light scratchy sensation, while others even feel a little warmth at the site of the electrodes. You may also experience a blinking light sensation. When these sensations appear, that's how you know it's working and after a few minutes they fade away. These are normal, safe effects of a stim session, and they stop as soon as the stim session stops. You can always stop a stim session if it becomes uncomfortable, and you can also adjust the intensity of the stimulation using the Somnee app.


Who can use Somnee?
We designed Somnee for nearly any adult who wants to improve their sleep, but there are a few people who should not use it. Somnee is not recommended for pregnant women, children under 18, epileptics or individuals with a history of seizures, or individuals with implantable metal or electronic devices in their heads or chests. Additionally, individuals with acne or skin abrasions on their foreheads should wait until the condition clears to use Somnee.


How do I change the electrodes and how often should I do it?
Somnee's hydrogel electrodes are magnetic and snap into place easily. Simply peel off the hyrdogel pads from the plastic and position them on the tES clip. Electrodes are reusable. We recommend using the pads for three nights, then replace with a new set.
What devices are compatible with the Somnee app?
Somnee is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones.
Will Somnee's wifi radio turn off when the headband is on my head?
Your Somnee's wifi radio signal will turn off while the headband is on your head.
What happens if I stop paying for the Somnee Sleep Service subscription?
If you stop paying for the Somnee sleep service, you lose access to our personalized sleep algorithms that improve your sleep, as well as the hydrogel pads for your stim sessions. You can still use your Somnee as a lab-quality sleep tracker.
Do I need to wear Somnee all night?
You only need to wear your Somnee headband for 15 minutes before going to bed. Your 15 minute stim session will give you all the benefits of falling asleep faster, and sleeping more deeply. If you choose to wear Somnee during sleep, it will track your sleep and use that information to automatically improve future stim sessions. We designed Somnee with luxurious silk and soft cotton padding, so it is comfortable for all types of sleeping positions.
Can I travel with my Somnee?
Yes, it's safe and highly-encouraged that you travel with your Somnee. The TSA and FAA allows small electronic devices like Somnee to be taken with you in your carry-on baggage.
Is my Somnee safe to use with other sleep aids?
Over-the-counter sleep aids are safe to use with your Somnee headband. Consult your doctor if you wish to use Somnee with prescribed sleep medications.
What happens if I forget to do a stim session or wear my Somnee?
To get the full benefits from your Somnee, it's best to wear your headband every night. Somnee is made to be there for you whenever you need to guaruntee a good night's sleep so don't worry if you miss a session, we've got your back!
Will insurance cover the cost of Somnee?
Somnee is not a medical device and is typically not covered by insurance.
Can multiple people share one Somnee?
No, Somnee is personalized based on your brain's individual sleep patterns, and every member of the household needs their own Somnee.