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Many of our customers add an hour or more of quality sleep each night with Somnee!

Note that results may vary - we hope Somnee can help you sleep well whether or not it adds a full hour to your sleep

"It’s valuable for me. Especially because I work straight through the night 2 times a week which messes with my circadian rhythms. Thanks for everything. I’m sleeping better than I have in years."

- Freeman J.

"Taken from my whoop band app. I had been averaging between 4:30 to about 5:10 a sleep per night. The past 4 nights with Somnee I’ve averaged around 6:30 a night."

- Bob Z.

"I love the Somnee and it has definitely improved my sleep."

- Allen T.

"Perfect Stim Session = Perfect Sleep!!"

- Ron B.

"I'm getting deep sleep with more dreams! Prior to Somnee, the only way I could get to sleep would be 2-3 OTC drugs at once. I'm as happy as a pig in sunshine. Honestly, Somnee is the best invention, better than sliced bread!"

- Dale S.

"Once I finished the 15 minutes of stimulation, I was asleep in the bed. I couldn't believe it. I'm a Military Veteran with PTSD. My Somnee is the best thing that's ever happened to me."

- Michael J.

"Somnee has improved my sleep, minimum of 2 hours every night and sometimes even more. I've tried everything. It works! I love it so much - I ordered two."

- Libby B.

"Somnee has been a complete godsend. I used to feel a lot of anxiety before bedtime. I now fall asleep in the middle of my Somnee sessions - a huge relief."

- Kristine H.

"Love the hell out of my Somnee!"

- Robert S.

"Somnee is life-changing. I can't believe I'm able to sleep through the night! I used to wake up 4-5 times and not be able to go back to bed. Now, I sleep like a baby."

- Linda C.

"Somnee is particularly valuable to me on Sundays to help me reset back to my work week! I run a surgery center and I'm up at 5am on the weekdays. Somnee gives me the confidence I need to get to sleep and stay asleep."

- Stephen C.

"The first couple of weeks that I used my Somnee, my sleep improved dramatically."

- Jim E.

"With my Somnee, I'm guaranteed to actually get a good night's sleep. I would urge anyone to just take a chance and try it out."

- Adrienne C.

"I would recommend my Somnee to anyone who has a problem with sleep. It's worth its weight in gold."

- Bhavit D.

"Before trying my Somnee I tried medications, but I worried about getting hooked. With my Somnee, I get much better sleep. I'm in a better mood and my family notices."

- Laura D.

"Finally after years of not sleeping more than three and a half to four hours a night for forty years, post Vietnam; now, with the help of Somnee I sleep, on average, five to five and a half hours a night. Thank you Somnee for literally saving my life!"

Archie A.

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