Take back control of your sleep.

Introducing Somnee, the sleep aid that uses neuroscience to improve your sleep.


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Somnee includes a monthly subscription of $18 which includes replacement removable stim pads as well as on-going personalization of the stim session patterns and on-going sleep tracking.


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Mimic Your Brain's
Natural Sleep Pattern

Somnee delivers a 15-minute, personalized “stim session” to safely and naturally signal the brain to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Get a restful,
healthy night's sleep

The app (iOS or Android) lets customers set up their Somnee and track their sleep.

Designed for comfort.

After the 15-minute stim session at bedtime, you can take the Somnee off and still get the benefits of a healthy night's sleep. But with its natural silk band and breathable cotton padding, you might want to wear it all night.


Why Somnee?


The only sleep wearable to actively improve the quality of your sleep by providing a safe and gentle non-invasive electrical stimulation.


A 15-minute personalize stim session at bedtime is all you need to improve your whole night's sleep.


Somnee is proven to cut the time it takes to fall asleep in half, increase average sleep duration by 30 minutes, and reduce tossing and turning by 1/3.

Developed by leading neuroscientists.

Our science team spent 3+ years researching and collecting data in a sleep lab study overseen by members of the UC Berkeley Neuroscience Faculty. What we found is that after a 15-minute personalised stim session, the average time it took study participants to fall asleep was cut in half, and the amount of overnight tossing and turning decreased by more than a third.

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