Somnee Early Bird Headband
Somnee Early Bird Headband

Somnee Early Bird Headband


Get the Somnee headband, app, and 1-month membership which includes unlimited stim session personalization and 10 pairs of hydrogel electrodes; after that membership and replacement electrodes are just $18 per month. 

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Somnee works by providing a gentle electrical stimulation to promote your brain’s natural sleep pattern. Non-invasive electrical stimulation is safe and used every day to help with everything from muscle recovery to anxiety.


A 15 minute stim session at bedtime is all you need to improve your whole night. Somnee personalizes each stim session based on your individual sleep pattern. At the end of the stim session, you can take Somnee off and still benefit from a great night’s sleep or leave it on to track your sleep to make your next stim session even better.


Somnee is the only sleep aid to use personalized stimulation to directly improve sleep quality. A stim session cuts the time to fall asleep in half, increases sleep duration by over 30 minutes, and reduces overnight tossing and turning by a third. You’ll wake up feeling relaxed and recharged, with no hangover effect.

Customer Review

Michael J.

"Once I finished the 15 minutes of stimulation, I was asleep in the bed. I couldn't believe it. My Somnee is the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Adrienne C.

"With my Somnee, I'm guaranteed to actually get a good night's sleep. I would urge anyone to just take a chance and try it out."

Bhavit D.

"I would recommend my Somnee to anyone who has a problem with sleep. It's worth its weight in gold."

Laura D.

"Before trying my Somnee I tried medications, but I worried about getting hooked. With my Somnee, I get much better sleep. I'm in a better mood and my family notices."

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